The Metacontrol Lab

Metacontrol is the ability to adjust to different challenges in one's physical or social environment. Some challenges call for focus, will-power, analytical strength, and maintenance (= persistence), while others call for a broad view, an open mind, mental plasticity, and spontaneity (= flexibility). We study:

  • The functional and neural underpinnings of metacontrol;

  • The impact of intra- and inter-individual differences in metacontrol biases towards persistence and flexibility on performance, personality, and psychopathology;

  • The possibilities to enhance the adaptivity of metacontrol through interventions.

The Metacontrol Team

Dr. Jiaqi Gao (core team member)

Shudan Gao (core team member)

Dr. Yang Gao (core team member)

Dr. Shiwei Jia (core team member)

Dr. Kangcheng Wang (core team member)

Yu Pi (phd student)

Core Team
PhD Students

Jimin Yan (phd student)

Hongchi Zhang (phd student)

Collaboration & Part-Time Members

Prof. Dr. Christian Beste (tu dresden)

Prof. Dr. Lorenza Colzato

Prof. Dr. Simone Kühn (max planck institute for human development, berlin)

Dr. Seema Prasad (tu dresden)

Prof. Dr. Jing Zhang (hangzhou dianzi university)

Xi (Rachel) Zhang (phd student)

Shuai Zhao (phd student)

Jan Pohl (phd student)

Prof. Dr. Arvid Kappas (constructors university bremen)

Prof. Dr. Francesco Maurelli (constructors university bremen)

Dr. Dennis Küster (university of bremen)